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What to expect...

Magnacad faces Facebook face-to-face.

Magnacad implements supportive plans for students.

Magnacad adds (3) new options for student purchases.

IronCAD, LLC revamps its website

ThomasNET.com for CAD Models.

Dynamic Part Numbering in IronCAD

The ZYYX Camera! Check your print any time, anywhere!

Magnacad testing IronCAD 2017 Alpha release

Magnacad's 3DHub updated


How to Create Good Inventory Item Numbers

Magnacad faces Facebook face-to-face. 

Well we did it, we finally setup a Facebook page. Friends and colleagues put the pressure on us. You're probably saying to yourself, why did it take so long, especially being a technology-based company you should have been one of the first. Let me indulge if you don't mind. 


Why it took so long...


We actually were one of the first. We were deciding between FB and MySpace  back at the time when it was between "MySpace" and "Facebook". We chose FB it was and so it was up and running within minutes. Then we went home and came back 10-15 years later. To be brief, FB did nothing for us and required a lot of time and effort to maintain. Now, more than ever. However, it has become such a vital tool in business than we cannot ignore it anymore. Besides, I hear its a great place to see cat videos, wait that's another site?


What now...


To our loyal customers and fans, click the icon (or here) and start posting, give us stars, give us tips, and whatever else one does on Facebook. Can you tell we are newbies. So bare with us, we will not become FB hounds anytime soon, however we envision it mainly as a place to meet and share some news when it arises. 



Lets not get ahead of ourselves now.

IronCAD, LLC revamps its website

IronCAD, LLC updates its website for better communication and brand messaging. Check it out

ThomasNET.com for CAD Models.

This site provides accurate 2D and 3D CAD models directly from the suppliers themselves. Millions of mechanical and electrical components available. There are tons of sites to download models, however this is professional grade. You can search based on product or supplier, great. Add it to your design toolbox. Visit site....

Magnacad implements supportive plans for students.


Magnacad had a need to better support its academic user base. When an active student or faculty purchases our IronCAD educational license, they are often left on their own to navigate the software. Mainly because they get it so cheap and adding a support plan would not be cost-effective. We have developed a solution that we feel will meet the challenging budget and hectic lifestyle of students.

The "MagnaVantage" plan will provide 2 hours of one-on-one web based training at times that are convenient for the student as well as an upgrade to the next major release (usually within 12 months) as long as they retain an active student status. However, It will not provide any technical support. The idea is to kick start the students skills and give them the ability to have an extra year on the latest release to hone them.

If you are an active student using IronCAD or Inovate, then feel free to purchase the new MagnaVantage Plan now!

Or if you are a student that wishes to purchase IronCAD solutions at an insane discount rate, then go here.

Buy MagnaVantage now for only $495

Dynamic Part Numbering in IRONCAD

This video will show you how to can automatically assigned variables and parameters to your parts data to be used in part numbers and more, which can be transferred to Bill of Materials.
Watch Video...

The ZYYX Camera! Check your print any time, anywhere!

The following post is a guide to printing and mounting a D-Link camera on your printer. This is great if you want to watch your printer and its progress any time, anywhere!
Read on...

IronCAD DCS 2017 Alpha release being tested by Magnacad.

Magnacad has received the Alpha release of IronCAD 2017 and is currently evaluating. Magnacad works hard to help test new releases and makes every attempt to uncover any potential issues. It's too early to stay what is included in the new release and when a specific release date will be. Keep in mind this is an early Alpha version so we have a way to go before the official release. We will keep you posted though.

Inventory Basics - How to Create Good Inventory Item Numbers

excerpt from www.clearlyinventory.com

If You Have the Chance to Create Item Numbers From Scratch, Don't Screw It Up.


Item identification numbers (item numbers) are used to uniquely identify items that you carry in inventory. Some companies will call them “part numbers”, “model numbers”, “product codes”, SKUs, etc. But whatever you call them, item numbers are important for you and the systems you use. If you or your system can’t uniquely identify an item, you can’t effectively account for its activity and whereabouts within your inventory. Item numbers also serve as a shorthand for longer item descriptions. Instead of entering an entire name or description for an item, you can use a much shorter item number. This speeds up the process of data entry and inventory management.

Retail products and big companies often use long and complicated numbers for their item numbers. These are fine if you're operating a complex warehouse or retail operation. And if this makes sense for your operation, then you probably already have a numbering scheme and don't need to read much further. But if you want to create a system that's easier to work with and uses your own item numbers, here are some of our recommendations.

Tips on Creating Item Number Schemes

  • Unless you are forced to do so by something out of your control, never start an item number with a zero. Just trust us on this.

  • Avoid using letters that can be confused with numbers. The main culprits are O, I, and L. 

  • DO NOT use a manufacturer's serial number or part number for your part number. These numbers are often too long and cryptic. Plus, if you switch suppliers, or the manufacturer changes their number, it becomes meaningless to your organization. 

  • Keep item numbers short, but not so short that they could be mistaken for other numbers (i.e., quantities). 4 to 8 characters will suffice for most organizations.

  • Do not load item numbers with meaning; do not try to use the item number to describe your product. This will only make your numbers longer and more complicated. Save this information for the item description.

  • Consider using a few letters. Letters will help further distinguish your item numbers from other numbers, and they will greatly increase the number of possible item numbers you can have while keeping the overall item number length as short as possible.

  • Using a few letters from the beginning of your item description at the beginning of your part number will make it much easier to look up items in pick lists. For example, if you were creating an item number for “Sauce, Chocolate”, you might create the number “SAU101”, “Sauce, Caramel” would be “SAU102”, etc.

  • Do not use characters that might confuse people or software. For example, using a comma in your item number might make it look like a quantity or price. Using a "/" can result in Excel formatting your part number as a date. Symbols such as "<", ">", and "*" can have unintended consequences when moving data between Clearly Inventory and your spreadsheet program. Try to keep your item numbers simple and alphanumeric where possible.

The ZYYX 3D Printer, Even Smarter Than Before
The ZYYX 3D Printer, Even Smarter Than Before [Video]

ZYYX+ 3D Printers on SALE!

Only $1660. 

Act now before the sale ends.

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IRONCAD™ 4-Day self-paced training on USB on SALE!

Only $345.00!

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Trade up SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM for DDM and receive a 40% discount on licenses.

In 2017 SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM is being phased out and all users will have to pay to go to it’s equivalent system, PDM Standard, or pay even more to go to PDM Professional.We are offering an alternative choice…There isn’t a more intuitive, mature and complete PDM solution on the market, developed by a company who have been providing data management systems and expertise for the last 25 years.Nobody understands data management better or works with their customers more. We deliver a full and comprehensive service so you get the most out of DDM, insuring a quick turn around on your investment.

Ask us how!!!

No limitations or watermarks. 

NEW! - We have also added  three new options to all academic licenses 1) IronCAD Media Pack option, 2) 3D Printer option, and 3) MagnaVantage plan option

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Yup, you can get a free ZYYX 3D printed sample of your file. Simply submit your file here and we do the rest.

Get your free 3D print now

Get the scoop on a Bill in Congress:


Magnacad's 3DHub updated

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