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  • Magnacad, LLC partners with Magicfirm Europe AB to resell ZYYX™ 3D Printers.
  • IRONCAD™ 4-Day self-paced training now available on USB! 
  • IronCAD DCS 2016 PU #1 Service Patch #1 Available!
  • Building a Banked Track Is a Balancing Act
  • GrabCAD Print (Beta) available for free.
  • MagnaCatalog; Mag-Studios - released to active subscribers.
  • Autodesk, Rent Seeker? - and our Solution!
  • Best of Free PCB Design Software
  • Luxion Balances Usability and Power with KeyShot 6 

Magnacad, LLC partners with Magicfirm Europe AB to resell ZYYX™ 3D Printers.

Creative 3D printing technology to shape innovation, literally.

New York, September XX, 2016,   Magnacad, LLC today announced it's partnership with Magicfirm Europe AB to become a strategic US partner for delivering their ZYXX+ line of 3D printers and materials. Magnacad has been actively seeking a commercial grade 3D printer manufacture and after months of testing and evaluations of the common products in the marketplace, Magicfirm outperformed all in every aspect. Some of the key reasons for Magnacad's decision can be seen here.

As to why Magnacad chose to enter the 3d printer market, Magnacad's president, Tom Lehnhaeuser said "As a company that delivers software to designers and engineers to foster creativity and innovation, we needed a tool that would help them realize their visions into reality more efficiently". Magnacad will resell Magicfirm's  ZYXX+ line of 3d printers along with all supporting materials and parts. In addition, will provide first line of support for users. Magnacad will provide the ZYXX+ 3D printers as  standalone units or as an integral part of the IronCAD™ software solutions it represents. Educational programs are implemented as well to provide schools the ZYXX+ 3D printing experience.  Anders Johansson, CMO for Magicfirm Europe AB has this to say about this new partnership, ”We feel proud and honored to have Magnacad representing us in the USA. They are a highly regarded supplier of software for design professionals, and we believe that our products are a perfect match to their existing offer.”

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about Magnacad, LLC 

Magnacad is a major supplier of the most innovative and mission critical software for design professionals and enterprises nationwide. We have been involved in the industry over twenty years and have seen a need to provide services and solutions that are a dramatic change to the way organizations maintain their design and engineering infrastructure.  

about Magicfirm Europe AB

Magicfirm Europe AB is a Swedish manufacturer of 3D printers and owner of the brand ZYYX 3D Printers. The company was founded in 2013. The Magicfirm Europe AB office is located next to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the premises of the Chalmers Innovation incubator. 

Building a Banked Track Is a Balancing Act

by Kyle Maxey posted on August 05, 2016 - Engineering.com
A rendering of Mitchell's banked track.
Mitchell Machine Works is in the business of building complex machines. Hailing from Dalton, Ga., the company has been known the world over for its Magic Carpet, a hydraulically driven roller system that can roll up, or roll out, an entire sports field of turf in a matter of minutes.

Mitchell Machine Works was founded in 1967 by the company’s self-described “chief engineer, owner and just about everything else,” Mark Mitchell, who has gained a reputation for being someone who can design and deliver complex machines. Because of this pedigree and his previous experience building the Magic Carpet, Mitchell picked up the phone one day and found himself with some surprise business. On the other end of the line was a company that needed Mitchell to build an indoor running track.

Taken at face value, building an indoor running track doesn’t seem all that mechanically complex. A track’s essentially an oval. A flat oval.

But there was a catch....

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GrabCAD Print (Beta) available for free.

GrabCAD Print simplifies the traditional 3D print preparation workflow and provides intelligence around printer usage so your team can get quality prints, faster.

This is great solution to manage all your ZYYX 3D printers.

MagnaCatalog; Mag-STUDIOS released to active subscribers.

Magnacad has made available for years exclusively developed IronCAD catalogs. MagnaCatalogs are developed using only the functionality found in core of IronCAD solutions. By not using any specific programming languages to develop them, makes them ideal for IronCAD users to adapt and modify to suit their own needs without the need to be a programmer. We will continue this practice moving forward. So as new tools are implemented in the IronCAD solutions, these catalogs will evolve. That being said, we have added a new one entitled “Mag-STUDIOS”. 

An IronCAD catalog developed by Magnacad with a varied collection of architectural environments. The current catalog has the following environments:

 Conference Room   Reception Area_Waiting Room  Exam Room  Instore Store  Exhibition Hall  Doctor's Office
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NOTE: MagnaCatalogs available for current IronCAD support contract subscribers only.

IRONCAD 4-Day self-paced training now available on USB!

We are please to announce the availability of the IRONCAD 4-Day self-paced training program on USB. Prior to this, you may recall late last year we made available a 4 day training course that you could download or use as a web-based version. The general feedback was that the training was great but too large in size to be effectively delivered to customers. 

We have listened to your feedback and are happy to announce a vastly improved 4 day training system. The system now comes prepackaged for customers on a 2GB write protected and branded USB drive. Note that this is the same content that used to take up 14GB but by using improved compression we were able to get it down to under 2GB.

Pre-Order Special Offer

We will be selling this course for $495.00  As a special offer, we are accepting pre-orders for $345.00 until the November 15 2016. You save $150.00! Simply click to "buy now" button to accept this offer.
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20-Pack Pre-Order

For larger customers, we have 20-packs available at incredible discounts. Simply contact us to learn more or call us at 631.974.0677
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Autodesk, Rent Seeker?

Except from upFront.eZine newsletter
What to do about Autodesk's apparent indifference? It's like the relationship between drug dealers and junkies. Except in this case the junkies are mostly to blame. I've been trying to make this point for years now, albeit without much enthusiasm due to my perception that there is a general lack of interest in changing the status quo, but perhaps that now is changing. In years past no one was interested because everyone was always convinced they needed the newest and shiniest version available. But we don't. Simple truth is that we don't have to be victims.

Before the take over by computer-aided design, I worked for years with a pen and pencil. Remember those days, when the work was about the design and not about the process? Back when architectural firms could afford to hire drafters because new employees didn't come with the expense and overhead that technology brought with it? Sorry, I digress. 

I realize there's no going back to those days, but we still have choice. Yes, Autodesk has done a masterful job of steering us all to the cliff, but it's not too late; we don't have to jump. The customer has the power and ultimately the last word. At this point I don't honestly know if this will work across all platforms and programs, because I only follow Revit and AutoCAD, but all we have ever needed to do, to get their attention, is to just stop paying! Even if only for a time. If in 6 months they don't collect a single dime from us, they will pay attention; if we could keep that up for a year, they might even display a bit of contrition. Just say no. 

The question is: how do we organize such an effort and can we get a pledge started? Just a thought.

- Shawn Graham via WorldCAD Access

Our response to Shawn's question:

Evaluate IRONCAD!  It's easier, faster, funner, more productive, cheaper, and NO SUBSCRIPTIONS!!! In fact the license is perpetual, so it never runs out!!! Not to mention, it has technological capabilities you don't even have in AutoCAD or Inventor.
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IronCAD DCS 2016 PU #1 Service Patch #1 Available!

A new service patch has been released for IronCAD 2016, Update 1. If you are an IronCAD user that tends to keep your IronCAD Live Update application turned off, then turn it on and download the new patch ( check for updates, if needed). Or you can directly download from this link:


Best of Free PCB Design Software

excerpt from http://www.electroschematics.com
Do you need a free PCB design software or tool to put in practice the new electronic project you’ve just designed? So, we present you 10 of the best PCB software tools available on the internet that will help you to develop your printed circuit board faster and with ease
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Luxion Balances Usability and Power with KeyShot 6 

Simon Martin posted on July 12, 2016 - engineering.com

Whether creating quick visuals for design iterations or a deep storytelling presentation for a pitch, few steps of the product design process are as satisfying as creating photo-quality images with modern rendering software. With more capabilities than ever before, today's software options can go even further and create animations and match real-world material properties in their virtual environments to the actual materials that will be used on a finished product, among other impressive feats. 

But while there are a number of different rendering solutions for nearly every corner of the 3D industry, few are able to balance power and usability quite like Luxion KeyShot. 

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