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  • DDM Release 2016.05
  • Looking for an alternative SolidWorks™ PDM solution?
  • Get The Constitution and Declaration of Independence For FREE!
  • Magnacad website optimized!
  • IronCAD Owners Network (ICON) News and Requests
  • Mercury One added to Magnacad's "HELPing Hands" Program
  • Photorealistic Rendering Has Become an Essential Tool in CAD
  • "Package Builder" now supports textures and decals.
  • Migrating CAXA 2D Data to SolidWorks 3D Data
  • Step-by-Step IronCAD Lab Tutorials
  • Determining the number of Parts in your Design

DDM Release 2016.05

The release of DDM 2016.05 offers significant core product functionality enhancements and continues to build on the success of our single source PLM solution.

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Looking for an alternative SolidWorks™ PDM solution?

DDM is a low cost multi-CAD PDM solution that’s easy to implement, easy to integrate and user-friendly, giving you a quick turnaround on your investment.

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Step-by-Step IronCAD Lab Tutorials

Some real informative step-by-step IronCAD tutorials developed by our New Zealand counterpart "Spire Dynamics". Enjoy.
Modeling a Bike Helmet
Modeling a Safety Helmet
Cable or Hose Routing
Shoe Sole Liner
Supplemental DRAWING & DRAFT 101

Three (3) ways to determine the number of parts in your design

So you want to know how many parts are in your design? Well, I guess that's a legitimate question, so here's 3 ways you can find out in IronCAD. 

1) Using the Search Browser and look at the number of parts searched
2) Use the "Assembly Tree Exporter" and
3) If you have IronCAD Mechanical add-on, use the "Count Parts" tool.

Magnacad website optimized!

We finally redesigned and redeveloped our website to make it easier to view and more accessible for mobile devices. It took us a while, but we got it done. Feel free to check it out and let us know if you would like to see anything changed or added to the site. Afterall, the site is really intended to provide a valuable resource to our existing and potential customers, so let's make it fit your needs.

IronCAD Owners Network (ICON)
News and Requests

Call for Sponsors
We are actively looking for sponsors for the IronCAD Owners Network (ICON). Why not become a sponsor, there is no cost to you. Increase your companies visibility on the web, get potentially many new customers, what do you have to loose.
If your interested, please email me.

Call for Gallery Images
We also urge all IronCAD users to submit your design and renders of your work. Proudly display your abilities on the ICON site. Don't make me resort to the vault for images. Feel free to submit your render here.

New "Resource" Page
A "Resources" page has been added to the site to provide FREE resources to our IronCAD members. If you have a resource you would like to share, lease let us know.

Get The Constitution and Declaration of Independence For FREE!

Hillsdale College offers a free copy of these important documents. So why not order a copy and give it a read and/or brush up on your rights as a american before its too late. Order here...

Photorealistic Rendering Has Become an Essential Tool in CAD

Reproduced from article by Kenneth Wong
IronCAD's visualization is based on HOOPS technology. The integration of KeyShot will offer another alternative to produce photorealistic visuals based on 3D models.
A KeyShot rendering of an IronCAD assembly.

Six or seven years ago, CAD users considered photorealistic visuals desirable, but not critical. Few would have outright rejected a 3D program because it doesn’t offer the option to instantly view the design in a virtual scene, complete with shadows, textures, and ground reflections.

But the flurry of CAD and rendering software partnerships in the last few years suggests a sea change. From small design shops to large manufacturers, more and more businesses are relying on 3D models to evaluate their products’ aesthetic appeal and commercial prospect. This elevates rendering from optional eye candy to essential tool, from cosmetic to vital.

In 2012, SpaceClaim, a direct modeler, struck up a partnership with Luxion KeyShot, a popular renderer. In late 2013, it also shook hands with Lagoa, a cloud-hosted renderer. Around the same time, IronCAD, a long-established CAD developer, inked an agreement with KeyShot. In addition to becoming an integrated renderer for SpaceClaim and IronCAD, KeyShot is now also an integrated renderer for GrabCAD, an online collaboration service provider and a 3D exchange community. Because GrabCAD also has an agreement with Lagoa, those who use GrabCAD Workbench, the company’s collaboration system, may also use Lagoa for rendering. (I get the feeling it might take flow chart to properly display all these crisscrossing partnerships.)

Traditionally Luxion KeyShot costs $995 to $3,995, depending on the features included. However, IronCAD offers access to an integrated version of KeyShot for roughly $600. Dubbed KeyShot for IronCAD, the product is available from IronCAD sales channels, including IronCAD resellers. The integration takes the form of a KeyShot launch tab that appears inside IronCAD’s design environment.

The associativity between IronCAD and KeyShot for IronCAD lets you hit the “update” button to transfer design changes from IronCAD to the rendered view in KeyShot. The limitation, however, is that KeyShot for IronCAD only opens KeyShot’s native BIP files; therefore, it encourages you to funnel your designs into KeyShot through IronCAD. The transfer to KeyShot preserves the IronCAD model tree inside the rendering environment.

Independent of KeyShot, IronCAD includes its own 3D visualization tools, based on HOOPS technology. The KeyShot integration offers a more comprehensive set of features for producing high-end visuals based on CAD models.

Cary O’Connor, IronCAD’s VP of marketing, said, “Offering an affordable low cost version of KeyShot to our IronCAD customers was a logical step to provide a wide variety of tools to meet their customers’ expectations when communicating concepts, bids, or final marketing collateral.”

IronCAD has also added links to downloadable content from partners and user communities. It currently lets you reach into 3D content from TraceParts,  Cadenas, andGrabCAD. If you happen to have a GrabCAD Workbench account, you may also publish your designs directly to Workbench’s project space for collaboration.

"Package Builder" now supports textures and decals.

IronCAD's  3D Email Package Builder allows users to package their scene file(s) and email it to a non-IronCAD (or IronCAD) user as a viewable file. Users can send the package as a zip or executable (.exe) file. Additionally, you can save the package locally as a self-extracting file. IronCAD does not need to be installed on the recipient’s computer to view the 3D viewable file.
The latest incarnation of this useful collaboration tool now saves the image data applied to the IronCAD models. This greatly improves the intent of your designs to your team.

< Click image to enlarge

Migrating CAXA 2D Data to SolidWorks 3D Data

From our technical support team comes an answer ( in Gif format) to a common question..."Our vendor is using SolidWorks and we have a CAXA 2D dimensional drawing provided by another vendor. How do I get this data to SWX vendor?

Actually, there's 2 otptions; 1) simply save the CAXA drawing (using IronCAD or DRAFT) to a .DWG or DXF and sent to vendor or 2) import into ironcad and convert to 3D and then send to SWX vendor as the gif shows.

Mercury One added to Magnacad's "HELPing Hands" Program

Started in 2014, our "HELPing Hands" charitable program has become something we are very passionate about. Our goal is to select charities that typically are not as well-known and need more help. They must also address humanity in areas that are typically overlooked.. We also look for organizations that have a high level of integrity.

Magnacad is proud to announce "Mercury One" has been added to our approved list of "HELPing Hands" organizations. As you know or maybe don't know, you as a loyal customer allow us to support these charities through your continued purchases and renewals with us. For that, we thank you. We added Mercury One because they met all our criteria, they boast that on most of their charitable endeavors that 100% of the proceeds collected go directly to the victims. What else can you ask for.

People you have helped us to help.

In the past couple of years we (with your help and support) have managed to support our American veterans returning home from war, rescue young girls from from the sex slave trade, and help victims of natural disasters.
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