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COMPOSE Yourself

by Engineering.com - Kyle Maxey posted on March 18, 2016

COMPOSE mobile brings IRONCAD-fueled collaboration to mobile devices.
IRONCAD recently announced the release of its updated mobile CAD viewer COMPOSE Mobile.

To say that mobile technology has taken the world by storm is an understatement. More and more tablets and smartphones are becoming the primary tool for doing business and communicating ideas. Regardless of whether you’re managing sales, reviewing documents or even doing design work, you’ve likely you’ve used a mobile device to help complete your work.

COMPOSE Mobile came as IRONCAD’s response to the constant changes in the technologies that we use for business. The app allows engineers and clients to communicate, collaborate and configure products on mobile devices.

"The latest version of IRONCAD COMPOSE Mobile extends all aspects of the usability of the product when communicating with customers and sales teams,” said Cary O’Connor, VP of marketing at IRONCAD.

This latest release promises streamlined graphical performance, increased capabilities for configuration and improved handling of larger assemblies. COMPOSE Mobile also now allows users to select and manipulate multiple components in an assembly simultaneously.

In addition, the update reportedly also extends the variety of parts available in a component library. It does this by capitalizing on IRONCAD’s design variations feature to embed multiple design configurations into a single model or assembly and select between them.

COMPOSE Mobile also allows the user to manipulate a design on the mobile side and then securely port those changes back to the IRONCAD or the INOVATE platform. Once back in either IRONCAD or INOVATE, those manipulations can be converted into native modeling data where engineers can verify and finalize their designs.

By giving users the ability to visualize, manipulate and configure a design in a mobile environment, COMPOSE Mobile offers engineers a convenient new space to interact with customers and create bespoke designs to suit a client’s needs. Given the fact that trends like mass customization and mobile interaction are beginning to drive design, apps like COMPOSE Mobile are arriving just in time.


DDM 20% Discount Offer

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No need to purchase separate integrations. Work seamlessly with these major CAD systems straight away. SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge®, Inventor®, Creo Parametric® and IronCAD®
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No hidden costs. CAD, Document, BOM, ERP & Workflow Management all built in to the base product. 
✓ No more check in, check out
No more danger of files not being checked back in. Reserve your items, work live with the system, DDM will never be out of date.
✓ True business workflow tools
Going far beyond just a formal state based change system, manage all your business processes. From 'ECO' requests to 'Enquiry to Invoice' workflows.
✓ A part-centric system
Removing the major problem of file-centric systems. DDM makes sure you are always looking at the correct version of all your legacy and project data.
✓ Regular updates
No more expensive yearly releases, supported customers can choose when to upgrade with a single executable.
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7 Strange 3D Printed Objects

Strange 3D Printed Objects – It’s not inaccurate to refer to 3D printing as a sort of new age industrial revolution. Never before have we been equipped with such a capacity to create; never before has the manufacturing process been so decentralized as it is today. The 3D printer could well be a revolutionary invention, and if the technology is further developed, it might well put many industries out of business. But that’s for the future.

As you all well know, whenever some new technology surfaces that allows people to create, there’s invariably going to be a group that uses it for…less than orthodox purposes. 3D printing is no exception. Even though the technology is still in its infancy, people have already used 3D printers to create some weird stuff, from mugshots printed using DNA to sculptures of unborn fetuses. Today, we’re going to look at some of the strange 3D printed objects from around the connected world.

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IRONCAD: Precise Face Modifications.

This snippet shows how you can use the 2D Shape (Sketching), Split Face, and TriBall to generate very precise Face modications.

IronCAD DCS 2016
Product Update #1 Released

ATLANTA GA, May31st, 2016 - IronCAD, LLC, the leading provider of design productivity solutions, officially announced the immediate availability of IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2016 Product Update 1. With many new features developed by working closely with customers and resellers, the suite of products continues to offer real productivity gains to customers across fabrication and assembly design. With a focus on productivity enhancements, sheet metal design, detailing and others the 2016 Product Update 1 boosts significant improvements in designing and modeling flexibility.

Some of the productivity and other highlights in Product Update 1 include:

  • TriBall Snap to Nearest New CapabilityTriBall Center-Point Snap to Nearest– Often when you are designing, you will use the TriBall to position objects with respect to other geometry. One of the common tasks is to move the object to a midpoint of an edge or a vertex. The TriBall provides the ability to drag the center-point and snap to these locations. To speed up this common task, you can now drag the center-point of the TriBall and hold the shift-key to enable "Snap to Nearest." Simply drag onto an edge and the TriBall will snap to the nearest point or midpoint on the highlighted edge. Release the mouse and it is precisely placed without having to move the extra amount to locate the points.


  • Variable Chamfer New CapabilityVariable Edge Chamfer– The edge chamfer command has been enhanced to support different inputs along the selected edge. You can select a 2 Point (Distance), 4 Point (Distance-Distance Settings), 2 Point (Distance Angle) and a powerful variable distance with any number of points along the edge. This capability opens up the flexibility to modify geometry to more complex conditions without using typical cutting operations.


  • Native File BOM Property ImportIronCAD Native Translator Support for BOM Property Import - The native translator which supports native formats such as Inventor, Solidworks, Pro/E(CREO), UG/NX, SolidEdge, has been enhanced to support BOM property information stored with these files. For example: Part Number, Description, Material Name, Material Density, and other custom properties can be transferred during the import process into IronCAD applications. This enhances the reuse of data from other applications without the need to re-input the data for reusable parts or standard parts.


  • Improve Feature Support and Enhanced Unfold for Sheet Metal – IronCAD's sheet metal has been improved to support many additional operations that are standard in IronCAD's part modeling. For example, users can now apply standard cut features that can affect multiple bends in sheet metal, blends and chamfers on stock corners, and operations such as Trim where you can cut the sheet metal by other objects. In addition, this enhanced behavior improves the unfold operation time to speed up the design process.


  • Sheet Metal Loft Support for Square to Ellipse Transitions - In 2016, the sheet metal loft was enhanced to support formed and pressed bent operations. This version has been enhanced further to support the transition from Square to an Ellipse for press bent sheet metal. This is a valuable improvement for these types of transitions especially for square to circular designs that may have angled planes for the loft when unfolding to generate a press bend layout.

In addition to these productivity improvements, Product Update 1 also includes more than 100 quality improvements in stability and performance. IronCAD Product Update 1 is available for immediate download for customers on active Armor Advantage and Software Subscription contracts using the IronCAD customer community.

"We are very excited to release the latest product update to our customers," commented Cary O'Connor, IronCAD's VP of Marketing, "When it comes to fabrication and assembly productivity, IronCAD simply cannot be beat and these new features and stability enhancements ensure our customers will be even more productive."

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IronCAD And AMPS Donate Software To Leading Universities In Taiwan

Design And FEA Solutions Donated To National Taiwan University And National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology
ATLANTA GA, May 23rd, 2016 - IronCAD, LLC, the leading provider of design productivity solutions, along with AMPS Technologies, the leading provider of next generation FEA solutions, announced major software donations to top universities in Taiwan. The National Taiwan University (NTU) and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) received IRONCAD 3D design software and AMPS Multi-Physics Finite Element Analysis (FEA) application. The software will be used within the respective universities’ engineering curriculum for both teaching and research.

The president of IronCAD, Dr. Tao Yan Han and the president of AMPS, Dr. Ted Lin, both graduates of NTU, were present at the donation ceremony held at NTUST along with Professor Liang-Jheng Leu, the Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering at NTU, and Professor Cheng-Cheng Chen, the Chairman of the Department of Construction Engineering at NTUST, along with other faculty members.

"We are very excited and proud to offer our solutions to these universities, both of which are among the top universities in Taiwan." said Dr. Han and Dr. Lin in a joint statement. "It is a win-win collaboration and we are pleased to provide these solutions to our alma mater. We also look forward to feedback on the usage of both products to further enhance our solutions."

"IronCAD and AMPS donation to our universities will help us further towards our goal of providing industry leading technologies and tools to our students and researchers." said Professor Leu and Professor Chen. "We look forward to seeing positive results from our researchers and students now and into the future by working with IronCAD and AMPS. We also look forward to conducting joint research project cross our departments, and further expansion of the collaboration into our universities’ respective mechanical engineering departments."


New Enhancements to IronCAD Mechanical

Along with the update to the IronCAD DCS our newest add-on IronCAD Mechanical is also getting an update to add even more functionality. The update will be available on June 2nd. 
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