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DDM 2016.03 now on public release

DDM 2016* is faster and more intuitive than ever, our most comprehensive version yet!
For 2016.03 Videos click here
For more details and the DDM Release Matrix click here

Latest DDM Win Announcements

Caterham Cars and Dewhurst 
join the DDM family

Fianium discuss why they chose DDM 

Fianium is a fiber laser company focused on ultra-fast, high power laser systems. (Click the image to view the video)
Discover how DDM helped manage all Fianium's BOMs
For the past four years, we have been maintaining non-drawn BOMs for all of our products as MS Excel files. As the company grew and the number of products (and variants) increased, maintaining the sheer quantity of BOMs became incredibly time consuming.

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New DDM Workflows available out of the box!

Manage ECN's, Internal Audits, NPD, Non Conformance & CAPA within the base product!!
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IronCAD Implements Download Manager Technology

Improving The Speed And Reliability Globally For IronCAD’s Content Delivery.
IronCAD, LLC, announced that effective immediately all IronCAD product versions 2016 and higher will now be using new download manager technology. This is to improve the speed and reliability of downloads and to simplify the install process ensuring a higher quality user experience.

IronCAD in partnering with Akamai and Solid State Networks, has developed a new download system for delivering their software solutions and content. Previously, users had to download IronCAD via a web browser, which given the large size of the download, may be cancelled due to time constraints or a dropped internet connection. With this new partnership and download manager, users simply download a small 2 MB download manager that requires no installation and runs the application. Once launched, the download manager will begin the download process delivering the IronCAD software from Akamai's global content delivery network. Users can download the entire application, pause, even cancel and then resume at a later date. Once the download is complete, the IronCAD software will begin the install process automatically.

"We wanted to ensure that customers and new prospects have a positive experience downloading and installing our industry leading design solutions," commented Cary O'Connor, IronCAD's VP of Marketing, "By partnering with Akamai and Solid State Networks we have taken the appropriate steps to realizing this."

About Solid State Networks
Solid State Networks is the developer of the leading digital asset deployment solution DIRECT. Industry-leading software companies, game studios, and digital publishers rely on DIRECT for the global delivery of their business-critical digital assets. Solid State Networks deployment technology provides fast and reliable delivery regardless of the file size or location on the world's largest network. For more information about Solid State Networks and how DIRECT can optimize the global deployment of your digital assets, visit www.solidstatenetworks.com or www.directdlm.com, you can also follow @SolidStateNet on Twitter.

About Akamai
Akamai is the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, making the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers. The company's advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere.

IronCAD Owners Network (ICON) website updated.

We have migrated the IronCAD Owners Network website to a new host. We wanted a site that would be easier to read on all devices especially mobile devices. Check out he new site here.
We are also looking for more sponsors for the ICON user group. So if you or your company would like to support our group by becoming a sponser, please email me to find out how. There is no cost to become a sponsor.
Gallery Images.
Calling all IronCAD users, we would like to add a gallery of work on this site, so feel free to submit any of your designs and /or renderings. We are looking for high-quality images and designs. Thank you in advance.

See how a helmet and sneaker designed in IronCAD are 3D printed.

Fredrik Setterberg  is studying to become a 3D printing technician at Xenter in Botkyrka, Sweden. These (2) two videos show he is well on his way. Great work, Fredik!
(Click images to view video)

Free Gift for our IronCAD Armor Advantage subscribers.

Starting immediately, when customers purchase or renew IronCAD Armor Advantage they will receive  a "IronCAD 2016 Ceramic mug". We know it is not much, but we hope its the thought that counts.

This will apply to all IronCAD products we provide, even educational licenses and third-party applications where a Armor Advantage program is in place.

So we hope you enjoy the mug as token of our appreciation for being a valued customer.

Free Gold for CAD

Magnacad's commitment has always been to make sure your company grows and thrives. In recent times, we have even ventured outside of the design and engineering arenas to help support that commitment.
Some of things we had offered in the past have been such things as co-op Health Insurance for our self-employed customers, Web-Site creation tools, Mentorship, and even real estate opportunities for customers looking to move or expand.

When you become a Magnacad customer, we just don't rest on providing you support for your solution, we strive to help you and your company grow as a whole. So we are not going to give up on this commitment to our customers any time soon.

So here is another offer we are presenting to both existing and potential Magnacad customers to help hedge against any possible downturns your company may be forced to endure. Of course this is not intended to provide a safety net but I hope it helps to jump start you.

Magnacad has gold fever and wants to spread the sickness. We are offering free gold to both existing and potential customers.

  • Purchase (1) license of IronCAD with Armor Advantage and receive one (1) 1/10oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin.
  • Purchase (2) licenses of IronCAD with Armor Advantage and receive  your choice of (3) 1/10oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins or (1) 1/4 oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin.
Act quickly since this promotional offer is only valid until June 15, 2016!
Contact us today at (631) 974.0677sales@magnacad.com

Terms and Conditions: Promotion valid for new IRONCAD license purchases with support contracts only for both existing and potential customers. If you wish to purchase more than 2 licenses, please contact us to provide special gold incentives. This offer is not valid for educational software purchases.

Useful CAD download sites

Below are some links to websites that offer great libraries of downloadable CAD data.

3D Warehouse (Sketchup)

Local High School Shines in Design with IronCAD

One of our educational customers is the "Half Hollow Hills School District" and they have been using IronCAD in their art classes for years and they never stopped amazing me with their students creativity.
Ms. Marianne Mead heads the IronCAD art objectives and she promotes all phases of design into her curriculum such as product design and architecture. Ms. Mead was kind enough to share with us some of her students work and I must say, the future looks bright for these young designers.
"Gabby Barn" as this one is dubbed shows how an old red roof barn was converted to a shabby chic restaurant. Great Job. (click images to enlarge)
The challenge for Matt was to design a tiny house based on the hit HGTV show "Tiny House Nation". I think Matt nailed it Great Job. (click images to enlarge)
I want to thank Ms. Mead for sharing with us. Keep up the great work.

Man builds $50,000 3D printed life-sized robot that looks just like Scarlett Johansson

In what is either the most impressive or downright creepy 3D printing project of the year, 42-year-old Ricky Ma has designed and built an extremely realistic 3D printed humanoid robot that looks (and moves) eerily like Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson.
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IronCAD and Keyshot used for Wallpaper Art.

This is prime example of how some users leverage IronCAD and Keyshot outside of the engineering world. Feel free to download the files and adjust to create your own unique desktop wallpaper.
download files

Mold design example : Deep draw simulation with "Multi-physics for IronCAD"

by AMPS support team
There are several requests for mold design/stamping/deep-draw design
analysis, so we found this model from a while back and perform two sample
analyses with different boundary conditions to showcase different clamping

The ability to do these stamping/deep-draw/punch/rolling are our specialty
as compared with other FEA products on the market. These used to be done
only by special explicit code using very refined hexa/brick elements, but
AMPS Sefea technology makes such it fairly easy to do even with such large
strain (about 500%) and stretched deformation for the general designers. You
do need to know the boundary condition setup (by simulating a perfectly
lubricated deep-draw punch and slightly frictional clamps). There are a few
contact BC's, and you may want to pay attention to the sequence of
application. We apply only simple perfect plasticity for this case, so
bounce-back analysis is not needed, but can be done easily by reversing the
punch after reaching the depth if any plastic hardening behavior is desired.

The extension/exercise of this analysis is to add plastic and frictional
heat generation due to deep-draw and large plastic heat generation. You can
also add cooling coil around/inside the mold to control the mold temperature
(using thermal line heat flux loss to cooling water), and also perform
common mold design stress/thermal analysis. AMPS allows you to do all these
thermal, stress, flow, or even electrical Joule heating in one integrated
realistic multiphysics analysis as compared with other tools only perform
one physics at a time. We have extensive real life design analysis
experience in these areas as AMPS product was heavily used in such design
back in the late 90's, and will try to show case a few in the future.

If you are an AMPS site, just use AMPView to open the AMD file. For IronCAD,
open ICS file (the model was originated from AMPS KeyAnalysis).

Here are the pictures:

http://www.ampstech.com/ftp/models/deepdraw_plasticstrain.gif (case 1)
http://www.ampstech.com/ftp/models/deepdraw_plasticstrain1.gif (case 2)
http://www.ampstech.com/ftp/models/deepdraw.disp.gif (case 1)

The complete model/setup without the output (ICS and AMD model)
http://www.ampstech.com/ftp/models/deepdraw_model.zip (13mb)

Output file (output file is too big, so you may want to re-run them...takes
about a half an hour).
http://www.ampstech.com/ftp/models/deepdraw_oub1.zip (1Gb)
http://www.ampstech.com/ftp/models/deepdraw_oub2.zip (1Gb)

IronCAD educational video Snippets

Click video reels to watch.
  Extending Shapes with complex spatial positioning. Many our our clients that do machine or farm equipment builder deal with this scenario often. How to "mate" angled box tubes. Hint: start using the more advanced handle controls lower to the pop-up menu.
  Do you know where to find your additional IronCAD Mechancial Catalogs? Most IronCAD users that have added the IronCAD Mechancial add-on do not realize you have additional catalogs available to you.
  How to change your 3D SmartDimensions background color!
To be honest, this was a hard one to find hence why we posted in this snippet section.
  Import Repair Differences in IRONCAD. Video showing how IronCAD can import files using its dual kernel options.
This render represents the perfect collaboration effort. This renders is made of models from GrabCAD, parts designed in IronCAD, decal images supplied by customer, and final render in Keyshot for IronCAD. (Click image to enlarge)
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