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Magnacad Design Inc. News

No more Fax.

Magnacad Design Inc. has recently decided to eliminate its fax number. Almost all of our correspondence and documentation is created and transfered electronically via email, ftp, dropbox or other means and the need for a dedicated fax line has come to an end. So please update your records by removing our fax number (631)980.3660. If for some reason you need to send us a fax, simply contact us and we will help you.
Thank you.
Magnacad looking to change its name.

Magnacad Design Inc.- A name that has served us  well and when it was created we thought encompassed what we were about and it did. However recently our accountants announced that we should take advantage of some benefits to us by restructuring our corporate entity. What they mean is we should change our company to an LLC instead of S-Corp. Their case was overwhelmingly compelling so we have started to process to switch. In doing so, we thought that maybe now would be a good time to change our name.
We are looking to rebrand our company name and business structure. Magnacad Design Inc. has been used for about 10 years now and since we are looking to switch to an LLC business structure we decided that maybe now would be a good time to consider change our name. 

So, I an opening the door for anyone who wants to make a suggestion on a new name. There are certain things I know that I wouldn't want and things I know I want to convey, and they are:

- nothing with "CAD" in it for sure.
- modern
- maybe even not a real word (not carved in stone)
- Simple to remember
- Conveys, innovation, power and flexibility
- not too long of a name or nothing more that 3 words

These are just some tips but not commited to them if a suggestion truly is unique.

So that being said, if anyone is interested in submitting a suggestion, then please do so to and if I decide to use it I will reward you with a "SpaceMouse Pro" 3D controller.

Thank you in advance.
Well, we grabbed a 3D printer for our desk.

Arriving within the month will be our new "home-style" 3D printer from Solidoodle, LLC.  We came across this innovative
machine back in August and felt we needed something in the office to test some concepts and prove out some ideas that's always floating around here. We have access to rapid prototyping equipment worth millions of dollars, however this simple little machine intrigued us, so for a low-cost piece of equipment we just pre-ordered it. Now were giddy waiting for it to arrive. It's the little things in life.
Magnacad Replicates Minecraft in IronCAD.

In an effort to start teaching my young daughters the art of 3D design and get them off the IPAD, I have generated a catalog of Minecraft components and characters. The idea is that this will help stimulate their interest in IronCAD and they will want to start and build their own characters, components, and environments using IronCAD tools and not just dropping cubes.If you would like to add to the "Minecraft" catalog and share with us that would be fantastic. I would make sure that any improvements in this catalog will be available for download to everyone. Who knows, maybe we can get the catalog to a point it becomes a trend and more will want to play, adapt, and improve it. 
You can download from our GrabCAD account here...

DDM monthly software updates!

If you haven't been keeping up with our monthly DDM updates, now is the time to catch up. We are currently up to version 2014.8

Learn more here...

DDM WEB - 24/7 Secure, Web based access to your DDM database

One component of the DesignDataManager (DDM) arsenal is "DDM WEB". 

The DDM Web interface is a browser based application enabling remote search, view and print capabilities for data held within DDM. The powerful interface provides real time access to documents and information throughout your enterprise and supply chain.

Key benefits:

  • Can be customised to your corporate style
  • Offers real time data sharing
  • Makes DDM available 24/7 where ever you are
  • Offers customers and suppliers access

Data can be accessed by any authorized workstation using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, FireFox or Google Chrome.

Regardless of the platform on which the browser is installed (PC, MAC or Unix), and without the requirement for DDM or any other application to be available on the client platform.
DDM web not only offers you access to your data whilst in the office, it also offers you access whilst you are on the road with the DDM web mobile client. The mobile client has been designed specifically for smart phones and gives you access to your DDM data on the move and allows you to approve or reject actions as required with the simple touch of a button.

Customize your Web Portal

Add your corporate logo, colours and font to DDM Web to further extend your business footprint. Every time a supplier or customer log in, they feel connected to you. Left is an example from our customer Bytec Group, click to see in full.

Multiphysics for IronCAD Beta!

IronCAD is pleased to exclusively announce the completely integrated Multiphysics solution for IronCAD. “Multiphysics for IronCAD” (MPIC) is the newest generation of integrated CAD/FEA for general entry level to advanced design simulations.

MPIC focuses on ease of use for CAD users and provides fully coupled multiphysics with stress, thermal, and electrostatic which includes the following analysis types:
  • Static/Steady State
  • Dynamic/Transient Response
  • Modal/Vibration Modes
  • Instability Buckling
  • Frequency Domain
Anyone interested in beta testing the MPIC, please click here...

IronCAD DCS 2015 Customer Engagement Program

IronCAD, LLC, the leading provider of design productivity solutions, announced their customer engagement program that gives customers direct access to the development versions of the upcoming IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2015. Within this program, customers will be able to test drive new functionality planned for the official release and supply valuable input to help direct the final design and usage of the functionality. The Customer Engagement Program is designed to engage customers into the early stages of development for the upcoming release that will be introducing unique industry first technology and critical new design capabilities. 

Anyone interested in beta testing the 2015 version please click here...

Broddson sweeps up with IRONCAD

Company Background:


Broddson AB in Motala, Sweden is a world leading manufacturer of sweepers for road maintenance with rapid growth in Scandinavia, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to global sales, installation and technical support, they also provide spare parts and brushes through a network of suppliers and partners.

For countries like Egypt sand is a serious issue, much of the sand ends up on the roads, which can lead to hazardous driving conditions. How can this and other debris be effectively taken care of, swept up and placed on a flatbed truck? That's where Broddson comes into play! A popular machine is the Broddson Scandia towed conveyor sweeper which removes sand from the road and transports it via a conveyor belt to the back of a truck. A recent delivery to Egypt showing the effectiveness of the machine can be viewed on YouTube: 

The Challenge:

When creating a new machine there are many phases, the design of the machine in a CAD solution, making sure there are clearances for the installation of a diesel engine and various other components, the welding of beams, and plate bending. For the CAD solution Broddson previously used a common parametric 3D program.

Construction Manager Richard Liljedahl:

"We felt that our parametric program was certainly competent, but that parametric design was a very cumbersome approach. Conditions and constraints to be administered, every part having to be saved to its own file, resulting in hundreds of files, with no real benefit to us - we want to be able to create and modify as easily as possible."

Because of this Broddson started looking alternative 3D CAD solutions. Richard continues:

"I happened to see a movie on YouTube that showed how IRONCAD worked. I thought immediately that this seems to be something completely different! I downloaded IRONCAD and tested it myself and along with the Swedish training material available on YouTube, I was quickly up and running."

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite: 


It later turned out that Broddsons's major subcontractor BTT Plate AB in Kisa had already discovered IRONCAD and used the program for years! Since BTT could positively recommend IRONCAD, it was an easy decision to switch.

"What I really appreciate about IRONCAD is that it works so freely and easily. It's a really big difference in approach, more logically laid out. The ability to have as many parts in a single file makes working and designing much easier, especially given the complexity of the machines we design. If I later choose to have a part saved out to a separate file I have that option, but it’s my choice. Having handles on the features makes it really easy to size components, SmartSnap makes accurate sizing relative to other parts in the design as simple as holding down one key on the keyboard and dragging the left mouse button. Different 3D primitives, standard components such as I-beams are placed in your design just by simply dragging and dropping from the catalog into the scene, like Lego! I can easily group parts in assemblies in the history tree - like folders in Windows Explorer. The Triball makes it extremely easy to move, copy, and rotate parts, features, and even faces with precision, without having to think about how the model was created from the beginning." Richard concludes.

"We are obviously delighted to have Broddson as a customer. Their products are leaders in their industry and a perfect fit to create in IRONCAD - machine construction with a mix of industrial components and self-manufactured parts. We see Broddson's needs as typical for many companies; you want to create and modify freely without the restrictions of traditional CAD software. Develop new products and customize existing ones. No one can predict what the next idea or customer's request will be, so having a design system like IRONCAD that offers incredible flexibility is key to reaching your design goals quickly and efficiently.” - Henrik Andersson of Solidmakarna AB who represents IRONCAD in Sweden.

  • Single scene design environment allows for multiple parts in a single file with fast and accurate sizing and positioning of components.
  • Designs are completed in much less time than traditional parametric CAD systems.
  • Learning the new CAD system was simple due to IRONCAD’s ease of use.

Many companies have chosen a regular parametric 3D solution, with all its limitations and lockups, without knowing that there is a better method in IRONCAD with incredibly flexible design capabilities. Now, more and more people have heard about this better approach to design. Now we see a "next generation of 3D" with a switch to IRONCAD which is easier to learn, more flexible and adaptable.” - Henrik Andersson of Solidmakarna AB.

IRONCAD in Action - Baltic Yachts

Company Background:

Baltic Yachts is a well-known builder of high performance sailing yachts. Today, Baltic Yachts continues to utilize research & development, high-tech materials and the latest methods to build full custom yachts up to 200 feet in their state-of-the-art facilities on the west coast of Finland.

The Challenge:

Baltic Yachts was founded in 1973 on a radical philosophy… to create boats that incorporated the very latest thinking in yacht design and new technology. In short, they design and build boats that are faster, stronger and lighter. In order to meet their goals, they utilize high-tech materials and are constantly pioneering new construction techniques.

Their design team had been using 2D CAD since 1988 but their designs were just too complex to visualize and test in 2D. They required a development paradigm forbaltic modeling complex parts and assemblies. 3D Design was imperative and necessary so in beginning of 2000, they started their search for world-class 3D software. IronCAD’s powerful yet easy-to-use software was chosen for modeling interior, anchor, keel and steering systems.

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite:

Based on a referral from a colleague who first saw IronCAD at an exhibition in Finland, they tested IronCAD and hands-down IRONCAD out performed all other competitors.

Since implementing IRONCAD, Baltic has won new business with their designs that would not been possible with their old 2D system. Baltic Yachts isn’t about building copies of yachts that exist but rather they come up with their own philosophy. Faster, Stronger and Lighter are the three principles that govern everything at Baltic but they also instill an emphasis on flexibility and custom design to meet customer demand.

Since implementing the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite, Baltic engineers have learned to design the way they want. The combination of IRONCAD’s Innovative design environment with the more conventional history-based structured design environment, allows them to choose, at an individual part level, which process is most appropriate for the particular part they are designing. Innovative Design delivers real flexibility, allowing users to directly manipulate the parts independent of history and constraints while maintaining feature design information. Baltic designers found this feature to be essential for conceptual modeling. Click here to learn more about IRONCAD.

  • Customer Communication – IRONCAD delivers a range of tools that allow Baltic to keep their customers closely involved by including photorealistic rendering, 3D/2D PDF, web publishing of models, and a standalone 3D viewer all standard in the core product.
  • Design Validation – The ability to stringently test design data, allows Baltic to reduce unnecessary prototypes and ultimately cost from a project. In today’s economic climate, this is more critical than ever before.
  • Innovative Design – Delivers real flexibility, allowing Baltic users to directly manipulate the parts independent of history and constraints while maintaining feature design information.
  • Structured Design – Allows Baltic users to build rigid feature dependent parts with embedded design intent, delivering more control over future changes.

To learn more about Baltic Yachts please visit their web site, 

Magnacad's Free IronCAD Variant Model Repository

Click the image to check Magnacad's Free IronCAD Variant Model Repository hosted by GrabCAD. AS we generate variant models we simply upload to this site so we can share with our entire community. So we recommend checking in once in a while, you never know what you mind find.

We are creating a list of variant models to build. If you would like to see a specific model created, please let us know!

IronCAD's Webinar Series 

We invite you to join us for one of our 30 minute webinar series to learn how IronCAD's Design Collaboration Suite can help your organization achieve higher levels of productivity. You may sign up for any of our webinars listed below, we add more all the time so check back often!

Click here...


$595.00 without 12 months upgrades
$715.00  includes 12 months upgrades

"KeyShot for IronCAD" enables users to create 3D models quickly and then at a push of a button, generate stunning visuals for communication and collaboration. Using Luxion's LiveLinking™ technology, IronCAD users create new product designs and then work with them directly in KeyShot while maintaining assembly structure and model appearance. During the design process, users can update and make changes from within the IronCAD interface and have these changes automatically reflected in the rendered image. The changed geometry uses previous applied KeyShot materials allowing new images to be created with ease for IronCAD. 
The KeyShot for IronCAD version allows you to use IronCAD's import capabilities to access data from other applications. Use the standard formats such as IGES, STEP, ACIS and Parasolid as well as a long list of graphical formats or consider the Trans Product to import native file formats such as Solidworks, Inventor, CATIA, Pro/E (CREO), and UG/NX.
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