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Calling Current IRONCAD Customers

Calling Magnacad customers, we are reaching out to you to ask you what is the specific area you are using your IronCAD.  Basically, we are trying to streamline our records to better understand our customers and support you moving forward.
Also, we will be need this information prior to any support renewals or purchases, so we are giving you a little time to provide.

This relates to how you are using IRONCAD within your company and not necessarily your company’s main line of business.

Some examples:
  • Toyota uses IC to design factory layouts.
  • Boulder Amplifiers uses IC to design the metal cabinets around their amplifiers.
  • Samsung uses IC to design fixturing and tooling in their semiconductor divisions.
We appreciate your feedback and hope this is not too much of an inconvenience for you.

Thank you
Magnacad Team
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IronCAD Service Pack #4 Released

For IronCAD users that have not enabled the new "Live Update" option in 2016, this is a notice that you can install the new update manually by clicking the button below.
Quality Issues Addressed for Service Pack #4:
QA # Issue # Description
53746 106510 Draft crashes when opening EXB file without opening .ics first
53754   Flatten part is not aligned to its box X, Y, Z, therefore the sizebox size is larger than it should be
53668 106375 Catalog browser disappears from second screen.
53744   "Draw Text Box" wipes out edited text.
53636   ICAPI: Export Completed dialog appears after export to 3D PDF
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Hyper-Operability Lives and Breathes

Hyper-Operability™ represents a significant engineering accomplishment that forever changes users' expectations of 3D design and data collaboration.
Today’s CAD systems can only operate on one underlying modeling engine (kernel) at a time due to the limitations of their architectures.  With Hyper-Operability™, IronCAD™ offers the addition of Parasolid ™ and ACIS® to enhance interoperability for users. Other vendors are forced to choose a single kernel modeling engine scheme. IronCAD, because of Design Flow architecture, can utilize both kernels simultaneously. The collaboration between the two kernels not only is an engineering marvel developed by IronCAD's world-class developers, but it work's seamless in the background out of the designers view.
Hyper-Operability™ relieves users of the requirement to select a CAD system based on its kernel or the ability to share data with vendors, customers, or any downstream applications. IronCAD, LLC provides its users with unprecedented ability to interchange engineering data between different CAD/CAE systems, significantly reducing the interoperability problems that users currently face. Users now have the choice to determine how they wish the parts to be modeled or shared by selecting one kernel to act as the primary kernel to further support the data exchange success rate. You can see a prime example here, how one kernel succeeds when the other fails.

Currently, users of solids modeling systems are confronted with three kernel options as they consider which to adopt. 1) systems employing proprietary kernels; 2) systems that are based on ACIS from Spatial Corporation.; and 3) systems based on Parasolid from Siemens PLM Software.  Because systems using different kernels are essentially incompatible, users often select a CAD system based on its compatibility with the kernel of CAD systems used by partners and suppliers.  

The result is a forced choice by customers, and perpetual frustration on the part of CAD users as they struggle to interoperate parts created by solids modelers based on incompatible kernels.  IronCAD's Hyper-Operability allows users to generate parts enabled by either kernel to mix parts in the same assembly and session.
By making the kernel a non-issue, it all adds up to a big win for IronCAD users, who will be able to share and collect data from different partners and suppliers, regardless of the kernel used to create them.  Additionally, by using IronCAD, users get all the advancements that both ACIS and Parasolid offer, and will benefit from every future improvement in solid modeling technology.

"MagnaShapes " catalog updated for 2016

Magnacad continues to develop a repository of advanced IronCAD catalogs free of charge for their customers to use as well as the global community. As new technologies and features are included in the IronCAD design suite of solutions, Magnacad enhances their line of catalogs. 

The latest to get some updates for 2016  is our "MagnaShapes" catalog. This catalog provides some useful shapes not found in the standard IronCAD shapes catalog. Feel free to download and modify to suit your needs.

  • RED shapes remove material
  • GREEN shapes add material
  • Any icon with a "(x)" indicates it is a variant model.
You can see a usage video here.

We always welcome customers feedback if they would like to see a feature modified or new ones added. Just shoot us an email.
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IronCAD Announces COMPOSE Mobile 2016

ATLANTA GA, Feb 24th, 2016 - IronCAD, a leading provider of design productivity solutions, today announced their latest version of IronCAD Compose Mobile. IronCAD Compose Mobile allows designers the ability to effectively share designs securely throughout the organization and with customers. IronCAD Compose Mobile is a valuable tool for communicating 3D design concepts directly on a mobile device anywhere at any time. The download is currently free to everyone from designers wishing to share their designs to a sales person presenting their company's products at the point of sale. Teams can read data from any CAD system (in standard or Native Formats) into the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS) Desktop products and publish these to the COMPOSE Mobile app and use them just as if they were directly created in IronCAD applications. Even add intelligence to your imported models to offer configuration capabilities on the mobile device.
Using IronCAD Compose Mobile, interrogate the geometry, add commentary, configure new assemblies, and share the designs back to IronCAD DCS users for further collaboration in real-time which dramatically reduces your time-to-market.
This latest release boasts improved graphical performance, extends the usability, and covers more configuration capabilities to better collaborate with customers. View larger assemblies in the latest version with improved graphical performance. Select multiple components to reposition at once for faster design concepts. Extend your component library by making use of design variations created in IronCAD and Inovate. These provide more component variations for your products allowing more accurate configuration concepts with customers and sales teams. Once complete with the configuration, share the secure graphical data back with IronCAD/Inovate and with a single click, convert the data to real modeling data that the design team can use to complete the production products.
Cary O'Connor, Vice President of Marketing at IronCAD, stated, "The latest version of IronCAD Compose Mobile extends all aspects of the usability of the product when communicating with customers and sales team. Collaborating with secure light-weight data in 3D with customer to intelligently configure assemblies has now become more powerful and decreases the time to deliver of the customer specified products.” 

Download the latest version at http://www.ironcad.com/compose-mobile or from the Apple Store.
IronCAD Mechanical Add-In offers intelligent tools for fabricators such as Industry Standard fasteners, steel sections, piping, flanges, bill of material generation and much more.

IRONCAD™ Mechanical's
3D Scans Import

Importing 3D Scanned Data. This video provides shows how an object is scanned and then the sectional data imported in IronCAD using IronCAD Mechanicals "Import Scanned Profiles" tool.

(click image to view video)
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IronCAD Training Survey

Please take a moment to fill out our "IronCAD Training Survey". This will help us to custom tailor our educational solutions inline more with our customers. Thank you.

Magnacad's Merchandise site updated for 2016.

Magnacad has updated its Merchandise site with products for 2016. Why not show yourself has a proud IronCAD user by purchasing something from the site. Enjoy.
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