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In this Issue...
  • Magnacad's "HELPing HANDS" program a success
  • Recent DDM Monthly Releases
  • Customer Spotlight: Cantux Research, LLC
  • Magnacad opens a 3D Hub
  • IronCAD 2015 Summit Survey Results
  • IronCAD's Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
  • DDM Global Data and Process Management
  • Upgrade offer for "NEi Nastran for IronCAD" customers 

Recent DDM Monthly Releases

DDM 2015.04 introduces a range of features to enhance performance and functionality. There are three new major features to this month’s release which include the ability to copy cut & paste parts and documents between folders and bills of materials, a filter search capability in the reserve to reference to folder tool and the ability to set if a user should be prompted for which folder items should be saved in when created.

DDM 2015.03 introduces a range of features to enhance performance and functionality. There are three new major features to this month’s release which include changes to the Properties Window with a new use model for adding and modifying attributes. Enhancements to the way file attachments are displayed in the Load Window, enabling the default to load the latest issues of components and sub-assemblies within an assembly.

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Global Data and Process Management

Mark Blatherwick explains the challenges of global document and process management and how customers are using DDM as their solution of choice.

IronCAD's Product Manufacturing Information

Magnacad opens a 3D Hub

Magnacad recently purchased a 3D Printer to perform some basic in-house testing of concepts. While a 3D printer is not as "commercial-grade" as some of the SLA products on the market, it has proven to be a wise investment for us. After some intial hiccups and growing pains with the unit, we have managed to get everything under control. 
So we decided we would open machine time for the public who would like to get a 3d print of their own who do not yet own a 3d printer.
So we opened to "hub" on 3DHubs.com so anyone can submit a file for print.  Feel free to check the site to learn more.

Magnacad's "HELPing HANDS" program a success

Magnacad had launched the "HELPing HANDS" program at the beginning of the year to be proactive in trying to help those who need critical help. We decided that sitting on the sidelines was not going to be our style anymore. Since we launched this program, I am proud that we have been able to provide substantial contributions to both the "Wounded Warrior Project" and "Underground Railroad". 
We could only have done this with the help of our customers both new and exisiting. I would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support that allows us to pay it forward to those in need. 
If you would like to recommend an organization that you feel needs support, please let me know at tom@magnacad.com
Thank you!

Upgrade offer for "NEi Nastran for IronCAD" customers 

Magnacad is offering a special offer for existing " NEi for IronCAD" customers. For those that may not be aware, the NEi analysis software based on Nastran solutions was recently purchased by AutoDesk Inc. So IronCAD had partnered with AMPS Technologies, Inc. to deliver "MPIC for IronCAD" or Multi-Physics for IronCAD. Personally I applaud the move of AutoDesk to purchase the Nastran solution since it allowed us to gain a far superior solution which has a better integration and all with an extremely easy to use GUI thats in line with IronCAD's.
So that being said, any existing NEi for IronCAD users can now upgrade the new MPIC for IronCAD solution for only $500.00
If you would like to learn more or purchase the upgrade, please contact Magnacad, LLC.
But hurry this offer is set to expire on 6-30-2015

IronCAD 2015 Summit Survey Results

Magnacad had sent a survey asking IronCAD users if they would like to attend a IronCAD summit. Below are the results for anyone interested.  

1. Would you like to attend in person an IronCAD 2015 Summit?
2. How many days do you think you can set aside to attend the IronCAD 2015 Summit?
3. Do you have any objections to attending the summit on a weekend?

4. What IronCAD solution would you be most interested at the summit?

5. Do you have serious interest in integrated third party solutions? Check all that apply.

6. Would traveling to another state be a problem for you?

7. Do you think this event should be open to non-IRONCAD users?

8. What do you consider to be a reasonable registration fee to attend the summit assuming it was a 3 day event?
The lowest was $50 and the highest was $495. The averaged price was $339.00

9. Anything you would like to see or happen at this event? 
The majority of respondents wanted training workshops, vendor displays, and user networking.

Customer Spotlight: Cantux Research, LLC

Michael Shonle, owner of Cantux Research, LLC has been a very good customer of ours and a long time INOVATE user. We managed to have him provide us with some very candid answers to some of our questions. See what he had to say.

What problems were you experiencing that caused you to investigate a new CAD solution?
First, The flexible-enough parametric programs required a very steep learning curve. Secondly, The much-easier-to-use direct applications didn't allow for changing fundamental sizes of things or re-editing earlier shapes, and finally not using it full-time meant that even after learning one, it would soon be forgotten.

How was the IronCAD Solution able to resolve these problems?
The unique combination of direct-model style of drag-editing and a logical-enough user-interface design meant that it was usable with literally no training and didn't require precise measurements in advance, making it easy to use for prototyping and concept development.

What impact did the IronCAD Solution implementation have on your design process?
It allowed us to bring the designing in-house, saving money and allowing us to change our mind hundreds of times instead of just a few, with no time-wasting and costly revisions with an outside contractor.

Which CAD System were you using previously?
I tried Rhino and Solidworks (both very hard to learn)  and SpaceClaim (very fun and easy to work with but unable to re-edit fundamental object sizes.

How was the transition to the IronCAD Solutions?
It was quite easy to learn-as-I-went (some fumbling to be sure, and there are still some klunky awkward parts of the paradigm) but basically I was productive within hours. 

What impact did the IronCAD Solution implementation have on your business?
It's allowed us to co-optimize the enclosure and circuit board together, greatly reducing iterations.With almost no learning curve, it's allowed us to design in-house and iterate and refine to our heart's content.

I want to say thank you to Michael for talking the time to answer some of our questions. We look forward to continue to support Cantux into the future.


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